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About the Facilitator

Alexis J. Smith is an officially licensed facilitator of the road-tested GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-day marketing program. Participate from anywhere in the world via simple conference call, SKYPE, GoogleHangouts, and Email! Since being granted a Facilitator License in 2008, Alexis has embedded this service into the full-service scope of her marketing coaching; rolling these proven strategies and tactics into a bigger picture of client support and team-motivation toward a substantial project or campaign goal – those that require more than a short term session to achieve success and rely upon the cohesive approach and accountability management of staff teams and committees, such as annual conventions/conferences.

About the Program

These sessions are usually selected by professionals who are just getting started and/or have a small and specific window of time for a focused and measurable training opportunity. These sessions are available in 28-day sessions but are recommended for a minimum period of 60 days. The following are available as a-la-carte coaching services:

Quick Tips

Ideal for someone who is just getting started and/or planning to launch an idea. Share your thoughts, ideas, and challenges (or your own GetClientsNow! Action Plan) Get specific questions answered, professional feedback, and coaching on your plan


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Launch Class

Great for someone managing their own marketing, seeking to increase the overall return on investment (ROI). Learn the 6 most effective marketing strategies (and how to apply them) Understand the Universal Marketing Cycle (and how to get “unstuck”) Receive an introduction to the 28-day Action Plan approach


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Breakthrough Class

Perfect for professionals experiencing frustration with limited ROI on current specific marketing efforts. Professional insight on marketing blocks and recommendations for a “do it yourself” breakout strategy. Introduction to Universal Marketing Cycle and the 28-day Action Plan approach. Coaching on goal setting and development of your unique 28 Day Action Plan


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Entrepreneur to Executive ™ Class

(Serious Success Seekers Only!)

Ideal participants are ready to be coached through their stumbling blocks and achieve their next level of success! Full Launch Class, Breakthrough Class, and Coaching Classes (complete 28-day session with weekly 15 minute coaching sessions) GetClientsNow!™ Text Book and the Entrepreneur to Executive™ Toolkit

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  • Private One on One session -> $300.00 + $50.00 material fees per person
  • Private groups (you bring your group to the class) of 2 or more -> $290.00 + $50.00 material fees per person
  • Public groups (Others interested in group format will join) -> $280.00 + $50.00 material fees per person